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Hi Friend,

  My name is Ben Arnold.  I'm a singer/songwriter and recently I wrote some songs for you!  I even recorded them and made a CD - For You!

  But there's one thing missing.

  One thing that would complete my vision of a better, happier, more entertaining world...




 This is me talking about the
 Video Project on a local TV Show.

  Every song deserves a great video to help tell its story.  Sadly I don't have much talent behind a camera (not much talent in front of a camera either).

So I'm asking for your help to make a video.  If you have:

  1. a video camera,
  2. an active imagination,
  3. a love for music, and
  4. a little spare time

  It would be really cool if you would help out with this project.

   Just pick a song from the CD (they are listed below) and create a video for it.  Its as simple as that.  CREATE!

  Upload the video to YouTube and I'll link it to the site and we'll all be famous.

Here are the Project "FAQs", Rules, Details and "FINE PRINT"

Q1 - What's in it for the videographer?
A1 - You get a heartfelt thank you and FREE CD (details below)

Q2 - Who owns the video?
A2 - You, the videographer own it.  Just post it to YouTube and let me embed it to the site so other fans can see it.

Q3 - Is Ben Arnold available to brainstorm some ideas for a video?
A3 - You bet.  My contact info is below.  I'm excited to hear your ideas.

Q4 - How do I get started?
A4 - Just do it.  Or send me an e-mail to get the ball rolling and if you don't have the CD, I'll get you one.

OK - that's it for now.  If more questions come up, I'll post 'em.

Want some Ideas?

Here's are some of the Songs I Wrote for You  and a little background and some ideas you may want to run with.  but I bet you can do better.

Run Billy Run "Billy" is a plastic hobby horse that used to sit in a bucket outside the Chilihead BBQ
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Saloon (my favorite BBQ joint). One night some jackass got drunk and stole Billy and we never saw him again.  or maybe... Billy just got tired of dodging cigarette butts and decided to run away???  This is a song of hope, of dreams realized, and of truly fine tequila.  Bring a camera to the Chilihead some night and just let it roll.
Folk Star Girl pays her dues and makes it big in the music business.
I Fell in Love Boy meets girl, they dance.  Sax player goes nuts.  The rest is history.  
Waubeeka Revisited We long for "The way it used to be", but time moves on.  But you got the  memories anytime you want 'em.  A chance for a little nostalgia.  If you run with this one please try to include a big old fashioned porch swing.
Hard Way to Make a Living Anyone who sells (or sings) for a living will feel the pain in this number and know exactly what to create.  Definitely ought to be a Fedora in there somewhere.
A Sip of Your Beer Sad sack country song about a sad sack loser who is really, REALLY, thirsty.  Don't forget to film a group of cowboys singing the chorus.
Mornin' Waltz The scene for this one could be a little girls dance studio.  Or a strip club.  Your call.


Hang out at the first tee at the local Municipal course and you'll have a lifetime of footage in the first 20 minutes.
That's not a Bug, that's a Feature Hackers Unite!  This song captures 5 years of frustrating battles with software -  and arrogant programmers who oughta know better.
Lemonaid About the lessons learned when we help out those in need.  This is a serious song and I really hope you can do it justice.

Got QUESTIONS?    Need a CD?

reach me at  BenArnold at Comcast DOT net  or click here:  Send me an e-mail

To hear the music, visit myspace page:  Click Here


This is a another clip from the Dessert Club TV show introducing a short video for Lemonaid.


on the CD